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SHOULDER SLEEVE INSIGNIA. Description: On a shield 2 1/2 inches overall in height divided per pairle (three sections) white, red and blue, a white lozenge in fess (center) point all within a 1/8 inch white border.
The lozenge and white areas represent the command and control elements of the organization with the red area used to represent the Army and the blue area industry. The white area also alludes to the flow of materiel through the equal and combined efforts of the Army and industry as directed.
The insignia was originally approved for US Army Materiel Command on 29 Oct 62; redesignated for US Army Development and Readiness Command (DARCOM) ON 23 Feb 76; and redesignated for US Army Materiel Command on 23 Nov 84.

DISTINCTIVE UNIT INSIGNIA. Description: A gold color metal and enamel device 1 3/16 inches in height overall consisting of a globe quarterly scarlet and ultramarine blue gridlined gold surmounting the base of a white truncated pyramid; arcing between and above the pyramid a gold motto scroll inscribed "AMERICA'S" in black letters and arcing below the globe a gold motto scroll inscribed "ARSENAL FOR THE BRAVE" in black letters. Overall issuing from the center of the globe to the upper scroll a white notched pile arched and embattled of four merlons.
Elements of the insignia design were adapted from the authorized shoulder sleeve insignia and mission of the United States Army Materiel Command. The white crenellated design at the top of the insignia refers to command and control. The four merlons, which simulate the cogs in a gear wheel, allude to the four major functions of the commandís mission. The pyramid, a symbol of strength and support, is truncated to indicate the continuing research, development, production, procurement, storage, transportation, standardization and distribution of materiel as assigned or required. The white areas simulate the letter "M" for materiel and the globe indicates the world wide scope of the Commandís responsibility in providing technical and professional guidance and assistance for planning and conducting logistics services of the Army elements of unified and specified commands and other United States and foreign customers, with scarlet referring to the military and blue referring to industry. The commandís motto, "AMERICAíS ARSENAL FOR THE BRAVE" reflects the mission of providing outstanding support to the total Army.
The distinctive unit insignia was originally approved Army Materiel Command on 2 Jun 69; redesignated for Material Development and Readiness Command (DARCOM) on 23 Feb 76; and redesignated for Army Material Command on 23 Nov 84. It was cancelled on 24 Dec 92 with the current design and motto change approved on 24 Dec 92.

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