Of the 33 Soldiers who entered An Nasiriyah in 18 vehicles (including two that were being towed) on 23 March, 11 Soldiers were killed, seven were captured and nine were wounded (including some of those captured). Sixteen Soldiers in eight vehicles emerged from the attack.  The number of Iraqi casualties inflicted by Soldiers of the 507th and 3d FSB could not be determined.  From start to finish, the attack on the 507th lasted an estimated 60 to 90 minutes. 

In reviewing the actions on the morning of 23 March 2003, it is clear that the Soldiers of the 507th Maintenance Company, including two Soldiers from the 3d FSB, were attacked for a sustained period of time.  Fatigue, stress, the asymmetric nature of the threat, and the environment contributed to the events leading up to and during this attack.  Every Soldier performed honorably and each did his or her duty.  The battle for An Nasiriyah would last until March 31st when the Marine Corps ultimately gained control of the city. 


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