During the first leg of the route, from CAMP VIRGINA to ATTACK POSITION DAWSON, while still in Kuwait, the 507th traveled off-road over desert terrain.  At 2100 hours on 20 March, the 507th arrived at its first stop, ATTACK POSITION DAWSON, located just south of the Iraqi border.  While at DAWSON, the Soldiers refueled and serviced their vehicles, ate and attempted to implement a rest plan.  Most Soldiers got some amount of sleep in the 10 hours at this location.  (see FIGURE 3)



Movement from DAWSON to link up with 3d FSB at the Line of Departure (LD), to ATTACK POSITION BULL


At 0700 hours on 21 March, the 507th departed ATTACK POSITION DAWSON to link up with the 3d FSB.  They crossed the line of departure into Iraq at 1000 hours. The convoy moved approximately 35 kilometers, arriving at ATTACK POSITION BULL at 1200 hours on 21 March. (see FIGURE 3) 




At 1800 hours on 21 March, the 507th departed BULL with the 3d FSB enroute to LIZARD, 80 kilometers northwest.  The convoy continued to travel off-road and some of the heavier vehicles bogged down in the soft sand.  Drivers from many units became confused due to the darkness, causing some vehicles to separate from their march columns.  Poor trafficability and mechanical problems resulted in the fragmentation of the 507th convoy into two groups. The first group consisted of those vehicles that did not break down or get stuck in the sand and were capable of keeping pace with the 3d FSB convoy.  The second group consisted of those vehicles that had mechanical problems or were stuck in the sand, along with those vehicles used to tow or pull other vehicles free. CPT King took personal charge of the first group and arrived at LIZARD at about 0530 hours on 22 March, after an all-night movement.  1SG Dowdy was charged with recovering the second group and leading it to LIZARD.  Working through the night of 21 March and into the next day, 1SG Dowdy recovered and repaired vehicles not only from the 507th but from the 3d FSB as well.  The 1SG and the second group of 507th vehicles would eventually arrive at LIZARD at 1600 hours on 22 March, 22 hours after departing ATTACK POSITION BULL. (see FIGURE 3)





20 Mar 1400L

Arrive 20 Mar 2100L

Depart 21 Mar 0700L

+17 Hrs

Camp Virginia


Link up w/ 3rd FSB



Arrive 21 Mar 1000L

Depart 21 Mar 1000L

+20 Hrs

Arrive 21 Mar 1200L

Depart 21 Mar 1800L

Cdrs Coordinate

+28 Hrs

Vehicles bog down Convoy splits

Serial 1

Arrive 22 Mar 0530L

Depart 22 Mar 1400L

Serial 2

Arrive 22 Mar 1600L

Depart 22 Mar 1930L

+53.5 Hrs


Hwy 8 Intersection to

Objective RAMS

~220 Km


81 Km

FIGURE 3      Convoy movement to An Nasiriyah


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