Decision to Split the 507th Convoy at ATTACK POSITION LIZARD

After arriving at LIZARD, while awaiting 1SG Dowdys arrival, CPT King contacted his battalion commander to inform him of the 507ths situation.  LTC Joseph Fischetti, commander, 5th Battalion, 52d Air Defense Artillery (PATRIOT) acknowledged the report.  CPT King also recalls reporting his status and confirming with the 3d FSB staff that the overall situation, to include route, was unchanged. The 3d FSB staff advised CPT King that the convoy would depart at 1400 hours as planned.  Based on that information and with the intent to push support forward, CPT King directed his executive officer, 1LT Jeff Shearin, to lead all the available 507th vehicles and remain with the 3d FSB convoy.  Shearin departed with 32 Soldiers in 17 vehicles at 1400 hours with the main 3d FSB convoy.  King remained at LIZARD and waited for 1SG Dowdy and the remaining Soldiers and vehicles of the 507th. 

At about 1400 hours on 22 March, 1SG Dowdy radioed CPT King to report that he had all of the remaining vehicles running or in tow and was 10-12 kilometers away from LIZARD.  He arrived at LIZARD at about 1600 hours. Along with 1SG Dowdy were the two Soldiers from the 3d FSB, SGT George Buggs and PFC Edward Anguiano.  Buggs and Anguiano were driving a     10-ton wrecker and had become separated from the rest of 3d FSB while recovering 3d FSB fuel trucks stuck in the sand between BULL and LIZARD.  Apparently, 1SG Dowdy coordinated with Buggs and Anguiano to tow a disabled 507th 5-ton truck after they completed their recovery of the 3d FSB fuel trucks. 

At 1930 hours on 22 March, 3 hours after 1SG Dowdy closed on LIZARD with all remaining 507th Soldiers and vehicles, CPT King organized them into a new march unit.  This second element, led by CPT King, departed LIZARD with 33 Soldiers, including himself, Buggs and Anguiano. The convoy was comprised of 18 vehicles, two of which were being towed (see FIGURE 4; composition of convoy on 22 March, including distribution of crew served weapons, radios, and GPS).

FIGURE 4      Serial 2 convoy (Vehicle numbers represent original march order sequence entering An Nasiriyah)

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