Convoy route through the city

On its way through the city, the convoy crossed a bridge over the Euphrates River and then another over a canal before coming to a “T” intersection with Highway 16 (See FIGURE 7).  CPT King led the convoy left at this intersection, believing that he was still on his assigned route.  The convoy soon reached another “T” intersection with Highway 7, at which time CPT King turned right, heading north with the rest of the convoy following.  CPT King continued to move the convoy north and out of the city for approximately 2 kilometers.  At this point, King realized, for the first time, that the convoy was off ROUTE BLUE.  CPT King stopped the convoy and set up security.  His GPS indicated that the main convoy route lay due west.  There appeared to be no hard surface roads leading west from his  location. After conferring with 1SG Dowdy, CPT King decided to retrace their route back through An Nasiriyah to find ROUTE BLUE/Highway 8.  Realizing that he was off the convoy route, he instructed his Soldiers to “lock and load” their weapons and to be vigilant.  SFC Pierce reiterated these instructions to all Soldiers. In some of the vehicles, Soldiers took the halt as an opportunity to change drivers.  King then began turning the convoy around. This would be the first of two U-turns by the convoy.   

While turning around, the 10-ton wrecker, crewed by SGT Buggs and PFC Anguiano, ran out of fuel.  CPT King stopped all vehicles and ordered the wrecker refueled.  Soldiers refueled the wrecker using 5-gallon cans, as the only fuel truck in this convoy was emptied over the course of the 507th’s extended movement.  After refueling was completed, CPT King resumed turning the vehicles around and headed south on Highway 7. CPT King was at the head of the convoy and 1SG Dowdy was in the rear. At the intersection with Highway 16, the convoy turned left (eastward) and headed back towards the city. (See FIGURE 7)

Iraqi Checkpoint

Armed uniformed Iraqi guards wave to convoy



Convoy Stops

FMTV Refuels

1SG and Cdr Confer

Weapons Control Status “Black”

Convoy Missed Turn

Continued on Hwy 7/8

Cdr turns left onto what he believes is  Route BLUE







FIGURE 7      Convoy route through the city

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