Driver Badge

Operator Badge Bar

Mechanic Badge Bar

Driver-Amphibious Badge Bar

Driver-Motorcycle Badge Bar

Driver-Tracked Vehicles Badge Bar

Diver-Wheeled Vehicle Badge Bar


1. DESCRIPTION: A white metal (silver, nickel and rhodium), 1 inch in height and width, a cross patee with the representation of disk wheel with tire placed on the center.

2. QUALIFICATION BARS: Bars with the following inscriptions are currently authorized for display on the badges:

        OPERATOR - S (for special mechanical equipment)

        MECHANIC (for automotive or allied vehicles)

        DRIVER - A (for amphibious vehicles)

        DRIVER - M (for motorcycles)

        DRIVER - T (for tracked vehicles)

        DRIVER - W (for wheeled vehicles)

3. BACKGROUND: The Motor vehicle driver and mechanic award was originally authorized by War Department Circular 248 dated 28 July 1942. The badge is awarded to drivers, mechanics, and special equipment operators to denote the attainment of a high degree of skill in the operation and maintenance of motor vehicles. Specific requirements for award of the badge are contained in AR 600-8-22.

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