Transportation Branch Insignia

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Transportation Regimental Insignia

Branch Insignia

Branch Plaque

Regimental Insignia


Branch Insignia: A ship's steering wheel, superimposed thereon a shield charged with a winged car wheel on a rail, all of gold color metal, 1 inch in height.


In 1919, "a winged car wheel, flanged, on a rail, surrounded by a rim one inch in diameter" was approved as the insignia of the Transportation Corps. The Army Reorganization Act, 4 June 1920, placed all transportation except military railways under the Quartermaster General. The Transportation Corps essentially in its present form was organized on 31 July 1942 as a result of the Army reorganization of 1942 and has functioned since then as one of the services. The present Transportation Corps insignia is based on that of the World War I Corps, with shield and ship's wheel added. The winged car wheel is for rail transportation and the Mariner's helm for transport by water. The U.S. highway marker shield is for land transportation.


Branch Plaque: The plaque design has the branch insignia, letters, and rim in gold. The background is brick red.


Regimental Insignia: A gold color metal and enamel device 1 1/4 inches in height overall consisting of a ship's steering wheel bearing a shield charged with a winged car wheel on a rail, all gold centered upon a brick red spearhead point up, all standing upon a curving gold scroll spanning the lower tips of the spearhead and inscribed "SPEARHEAD OF LOGISTICS" in blue letters. The insignia was approved on 7 March 1986.


Regimental Coat of Arms: There is no coat of arms approved for the Transportation Corps Regiment. The regimental insignia in proper colors is displayed above a designation scroll "TRANSPORTATION CORPS". The background of the flag is brick red and the fringe is yellow.


Symbolism of Regimental insignia: Brick red and golden yellow are the colors associated with the Transportation Corps. The traditional insignia of the branch superimposed on the spearhead denotes the spirit of the motto. The branch insignia consists of the car wheel symbolizing rail transportation, the wing symbolizing air transportation, a marinerís helm for water transportation, and a U.S. highway marker shield for land transportation.


Branch Colors: Brick red piped with golden yellow. Brick red - 65020 cloth; 67113 yarn; PMS 202. Golden yellow - 65001 cloth; 67104 yarn; PMS 116.


During World War I, the personnel of the Motor Transport Corps wore purple piping on overseas caps. In 1919, the Transportation Corps was assigned the colors scarlet piped with green. Under the requirement of an Act of Congress of 1920, these services were combined under the Quartermaster Corps. When the Transportation Corps was established in 1942, the brick red piped with golden yellow was assigned as the branch color.


Birthday: 31 July 1942. The historical background of the Transportation Corps starts with World War I. Prior to that time, transportation operations were chiefly the responsibility of the Quartermaster General. The Transportation Corps, essentially in its present form, was organized on 31 July 1942.


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