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Here is a listing of the different major commands that I have been assigned to during my career.  A short description, symbolism and background of their Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (SSI) and Distinctive Unit Insignia (DUI) is included. You can click on the SSI to visit their current web site if available.

bulletThird U.S. Army
bulletU.S. Army Materiel Command
bullet4th Infantry Division
bulletU.S. Army Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
bulletU.S. Army, Vietnam  
bulletU.S. Army Strategic Communications Command
bulletEighth U.S. Army
bullet19th Support Command
bulletU.S. Army Forces Command
bullet21st Support Command
bulletU.S. Army Recruiting Command
bulletU.S. Army Training & Doctrine Command
bullet4th Transportation Command
bullet39th Transportation Battalion
bulletU.S. Army, Europe
bulletU.S. Army Retired

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